Art Words from An Art Baby: two good things

1. If you go to The Hole this summer you will see this lil’ dog sitting in a pool outside.

As far as I’m concerned he owns this gallery, he is King of New York – which is impressive because New York is so big and he is soooooo small.

2. Bundok Saints: a filipinx diaspora group show at the gallery inside of C’mon Everybody! It’s great and here’s the vibe:

“Comprised Of Filipinx-Amerikan Artists, Bundók Saints Is A Celebration Of The Vast Talent Of The Pinxy Diaspora. Though Our Stories Are Not Monolithic, Our Joy & Pain Is Often Collective. ‘Bundók’ Is The Only Tagalog Word Adopted By Amerikan English (‘Boondock’). Though It Literally Means ‘Mountains’, It’s Often Used To Derrogatorily To Describe Someone Who Lives In A Remote Rural Area, Someone Backwards Or Unsophisticated. The Word Was First Introduced To Amerikans During The Philippine-Amerikan War, As The Terrain Of The Mountains Confused Amerikan Soldiers.”

Today’s your last day to see it and because it’s inside of a bar you can also be a toasty baby which is important. Drink your juice, you need it.

34392933_10157619576970031_1434334646673342464_oCurated By Andie Millares

Featuring Michael Evangelista, Derrick Quevedo, Jeanne Jalandoni, Seanne Catedral, Jewelyn Butron, Tahnee Pantig, Yoni Carnice, Faustina KT Pe Benito, Karl Orozco, Alyza-Jean Condol, Paloma Martinez-Miranda, Adrien Dacquel, James Bascara, Brian Tan

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