Music Mondays: Sudan Archives

I finally got around to following up on a recommendation I was given months ago. My sincerest apologies to no one in particular for not paying attention to Sudan Archives sooner!

I am a sucker for innovative string playing, smooth R&B stylings, and electro-infused beats so it really was just a matter of time before Ms. Brittney Parks made it into my rotation. Now, I’m in a new place and I found myself with some time on my hands, which was all that I needed to become mildly obsessed.

I mean…WHAT A BABE! Then lyrics like this just flow out of her:

This is my light, don’t block the sun
This is my seat, can’t you tell?
This is my time, don’t waste it up
This is my land, not for sale

-Sudan Archives “Nont for Sale”


The 24-year-old violinist/vocalist released Sink, her second EP, earlier this summer. It’s quite a journey, sonically and lyrically, best for channeling those hard-to-reach cool vibes.


Don’t be like me! Don’t waste anymore time! Go listen NOW!

BTW I have more time and energy for new music (for) now so send those recs my way!

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