Music Mondays

It’s been raining for the past four days and I’ve spent very little time outside because of a fear of impending flash floods. Having never lived through natural disasters of the hurricane variety, I have had no idea what to expect and I had no desire to tempt fate by thinking that it wasn’t going to get worse.

So, long story short, I’ve consoled myself with the new season of Insecure and Kelela consoled me with a new mix of “LMK” featuring Princess Nokia, Junglepussy, CupcakKe, and Ms. Boogie from her forthcoming TAKE ME A_PART, THE REMIXES.

A track to match the moodiness of the weather with an added punch of bad bitch realness. The future is Kelela!

I mean, we might as well revisit the music video for the original track.

I want to LIVE in this 90s R&B-inspired dance party!

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