5 Songs From Me To You

Wow, it’s so nice outside and my emotions are at an all-time high. Here are 5 songs that I will at first describe and then inevitably sing to you if you come anywhere near me today.

1. Anita Baker – Sweet Love

This song will take you straight from a Jazz brunch at Seal Beach’s Spagehttini Grill and Jazz Club to your own bed to the nearest ocean. Is it ok if at some point on said trip to the middle of the ocean I sing at least, the chorus to you? 

2. Nao – Blue Wine

The dull ache of heartbreak is very sexy right? Just like, the pain of trying to salvage something you know won’t last? You know what I mean, like the true wreckage of the human heart. I can’t think of anything sexier. Don’t you want to hear me (an emotional terror) sing this to you (a very concerned friend)? 

3. Chips Ahoy Theme Song

Apparently, this is a Big Band song from the 40s called Sing Sing Sing by someone named Benny Goodman. But I choose to believe that an animated cookie, shape-shifting exclamation point, and disembodied horns made this beautiful music together in 1993 on a chunky chocolate mountain. This song has no words, but it does have a melody that I will struggle to convey to you. 

4. Christopher Cross – Arthur’s Theme

There’s a lot of tears between the moon and New York City. And tears are red hot! Ask anyone that’s accidentally made eye contact with me on a city train. And then ask them if they’d also like me to sing to them. 

5. Bernini – Ecstasy of St. Theresa

Now, this is clearly not a song. But isn’t it kind of, though? I mean a sculpture is just a song that has never been sung? I couldn’t figure out how to turn religious marble into incredibly emotive vocalizations, so I made you this. I’ve already printed a couple copies and mailed one to myself. I never said my love was simple, I did say it would be sung loudly though.