Music Mondays: Noname

Fatimah Warner, the beautiful rapper/poet/storyteller who goes by Noname, is one of those people blessed with the rare gift of effortless flow and rhythm in their words. She used this gift to give us her debut EP Telefone, a careful mixture of self-reflection and social commentary. Listening to it all the way through, it sounds like a […]

On Our Radar: Jorge Ramos’ “Hate Rising”

In light of the news coming out of Virginia, I came back to this short but poignant documentary about a few of the many US hate groups who became emboldened with the rise of DJT. It is certainly an unsettling and disturbing way to spend 50 minutes but I think it is important to constantly […]

Music Martes: Li Saumet

I missed yesterday because I’m still recovering from a week spent living life, but how ’bout a Music Martes? — Last Friday Bomba Estéreo graced the world with a brand new single “Internacionales.” It’s a pop dance hit about how we would should all just be dancing (essentially). While Bomba Estéreo is technically also made […]

Music Mondays: Charli xcx

Did y’all see this week’s highlight coming? I’ve been watching this video on repeat since last Friday because, let’s face it, it is perfection! I figured this would be a good enough week as any to share this pop culture gem since Charli and I will both be celebrating birthdays on Wednesday. Thanks for the […]

Music Mondays: Tkay Maidza

Let’s get one thing straight, on top of being an extremely relevant show packed with a compelling cast of characters, the Netflix series Dear White People has an amazing soundtrack. I’m sure most of you know that a good soundtrack can really make a scene, (an idea I have been reassured of while watching another show on […]

Music Mondays

Don’t have much of a highlight or talk this week, but I promised something more upbeat (it was probably more of a mental note than a promise, but still). Anyway, while listening back to a couple of my favorite tracks I found The Like’s retro-fab hit “Wishing He Was Dead” from 2010. I hope y’all […]

Music Mondays: Romy Madley Croft

To be completely honest, I feel nothing but love for all members of the xx (this isn’t news to anyone, is it?) Collectively, they’ve made the place where I find myself almost bearable. However, this week I want to draw particular attention to the band’s guitarist and co-vocalist Romy Madley Croft for her beautiful and […]