It’s Our Birthday…

And we owe it all to you, babes! You’re some of the biggest dreamboats we’ve ever met! Thanks so much for making Feminista Social Club the super chill but also rage filled coven it’s become and (hopefully) will continue to be! Special thanks to Julie Kim-Proehl (kicking ass and chewing bubblegum in Buffalo), Nadia Vasquez […]

Art Words from an Art Baby

Put your money where your mouth is and your mouth where there’s some art, it’s time for another Art Words from an Art Baby! Shape of a Pocket at Squeaky Wheel Film and Media Center! Opening tonight, July 7th. Runs through August 26th. Check this show out  if you like killer work about resistance/are in Buffalo/your […]

Anxiety Journal: Exercise

Every 6 months or so I decide I need to get rid of some sad chunks(sometimes known as Buffalo chunks or summer chunks if geographically and/or seasonally appropriate). The last time I went to an exercise class in pursuit of a beach bod I ended up walking around a rite aid for an hour looking […]

Anxiety Journal: No sleep

I didn’t sleep at all for two nights for the following reasons: I was watching old ipad commercials 2. I was watching those gap commercials where everyone loves khaki so much 3. I was watching muppet interviews from 5 years ago…not the movies or the show…real world interviews where human beings ask muppets questions about […]