Amber’s Fashion Corner: Daily Affirmations

It’s hard to walk in giant overalls. I saw a dog wearing a bat wing sweater once. Dress like nobody’s watching. Dress for success and to impress…like Blur in the 90s. Dress like you don’t have electricity and you’ve been in a dark hole for a month. Trends are fun, but wear whatever you find […]

Anxiety Journal: Exercise

Every 6 months or so I decide I need to get rid of some sad chunks(sometimes known as Buffalo chunks or summer chunks if geographically and/or seasonally appropriate). The last time I went to an exercise class in pursuit of a beach bod I ended up walking around a rite aid for an hour looking […]

Anxiety Journal: No sleep

I didn’t sleep at all for two nights for the following reasons: I was watching old ipad commercials 2. I was watching those gap commercials where everyone loves khaki so much 3. I was watching muppet interviews from 5 years ago…not the movies or the show…real world interviews where human beings ask muppets questions about […]