Sound Wave Saturday: Same podcast, new hosts?

Podcast friends, I have a question for you: what do you do when your one of your favorite podcasts gets new hosts? I recently discovered Stuff Mom Never Told You is back in action. It’s former (but not original) hosts Cristin and Caroline left to pursue other creative endeavors (including a book I’m very much looking […]

Sound Wave Saturday: An Aminatou Sow Appreciation Post

Podcast friends! I’m back from some vacation madness to recommend some auditory goodies just for you. This week I have a couple podcasts that are the result of the hard work of super cool babe Aminatou Sow.  I first heard Sow a couple of years ago when I started listening to Call Your Girlfriend.  A […]

Sound Wave Saturdays: My Life Story, the Podcast Edition

Podcast friends! If you are not listening to Other: Mixed Race in America right now, stop what you are doing and check it out! A podcast from The Washington Post, Other explores what it means to be mixed race in America. Host Alex Laughlin talks about her own experience as a mixed race woman as well as shares […]

Sound Wave Saturday: The Purge Edition

So this week I became thoroughly overwhelmed with the 40-plus podcasts in my queue and began my biannual purge. This means goodbye podcasts that I’ve been feeling meh about lately as well as podcasts that are too similar (a woman can only listen to so many politics podcasts). So farewell purged podcasts, maybe I’ll come […]

Sound Wave Saturday

World’s most errant podcast friend here! So sorry to have disappeared. I was binging S-Town and then avoiding podcasts for a while after that because anything related to Sarah Koenig makes me mad about season 2 of Serial and grumpy that we still don’t have season 3! But I’m back! And ready to share with you […]

Sound Wave Saturday: True Crime Edition!

Hello my fellow Feministas! It’s your most neglectful podcast friend here. To make up for last week’s lack of audio goodness, here are two excellent podcasts around one of my favorite themes: true crime! That’s right, there are few things that I love more than crime stories (I blame a middle school discovery of all […]

Sound Wave Saturday

This week, rather than give you a podcast reference, I’m going on a rant against the podcast app on my iPhone. It has crashed almost everyday this week, deleting everything and then only reloading some podcasts. So rude. I can’t organize my podcast playlists if you don’t download everything I’ve been listening to. (Actual photo […]