Music Mondays: Jamila Woods

I haven’t been up for much writing lately, so until I am able to get back into a groove I’ll be keeping things short and sweet. This week, in keeping with what is turning to be a regular theme of highlighting Chicago-based artists, I present Jamila Woods and her playful social protest jams.

Hurricane Harvey

Here’s some places to donate we cobbled together from Feminista babes (thanks y’all!) and the world wide web. Texas Diaper Bank Houston Humane An amazon list of stuff you can buy for the relief effort shared by Shaun King Houston Area Women’s Center Good local and national places from Colorlines:  The Black Women’s Defense League […]

Music Mondays: St. Vincent

Can anyone else believe how quickly August has gone? Now we’re staring down at September and I can’t help but feel mild melancholy about it, hence this week’s selection for Music Mondays. I can only ever immediately think of one word to describe Annie Clark: celestial. I always get the sense that I am listening […]

Music Mondays: Nice as Fuck

How ’bout that (partial) solar eclipse? Here’s a fun one while I get my shit together. I had one helluva week last week, and I’m still recovering, so please accept the aptly named supergroup made up of Jenny Lewis, Erika Forster, and Tennessee Thomas. [What’s that noise, you ask? Oh, that’s just high school-Jasmine fangirling […]