Wanna talk about some aquatic erotics? And by that I mean do you want to join our erotica book club!?

We’re calling it Erotica or Witchcraft? a monthly hang where we highlight erotic stories written by and about babes who don’t normally get their day in the sun (people of color, lgbtqia, etc.)

Read all about our first meeting below and look out for May deets soon!

First meeting: 3/17/18
Location: Mirrors On Grand
Reading: Smut Peddler


We got real into Smut Peddler, an anthology graphic novel chock full o’ good stuff and compiled by Spike Trotman, a very cool brown babe/cartoonist/publisher/owner of Iron Circus Comics. You can buy it here!

We also got some solid recommendations (some of it’s porn, some of it’s erotica, one of them is just a podcast with frank conversations about sexuality):


Courtney Trouble

Lucie Makes Porn

Make Love Not Porn

Orgasmic Tips For Girls
Contrary to popular belief this website is not for cool teens who know more than you! It’s for all babes to share tips, tricks, experiences, vids, stories and if I’m being honest it makes me cry every time I go on it because I love how open and supportive these dreamboats are.


The Paying Guests
Not erotica, but a real sensual good time.

Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus
A wild ride that will make you feel weird when you inevitably read it on the train, but also you’re not gonna stop…WHY WOULD YOU!?

Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series
Do you still like vampires of course you do then get into this.

Miranda July’s The First Bad Man
Have not read but Miranda July interviewed Rihanna once so she’s chill in my book.


Archive of Own
Listen…this story I linked to is 42 chapters long and it’s about Benedict Cumberbatch…I’M SORRY I CAN’T FIX AMERICA! More importantly though I feel like it’s a mom working through and expressing her sexuality and I am into it! Disclaimer: It is high key white.



Love + Radio