Fresh series 2: INTERSECTION

Fresh series 2: INTERSECTION is the second in a continuing series of group shows featuring a diverse array of young artists living and working in Buffalo, NY. BT&C’s Fresh exhibition series aims to highlight the rich vitality of the Buffalo art scene by highlighting a certain place and time—a distinctive moment for the visual arts. This next edition in the Fresh series for the first time will extend beyond the artists and features a young guest curator, Amber Dennis. Dennis has focused this show on self-reflective work. The title, INTERSECTION, is meant to reference the meeting point between art and identity, where the artists themselves define the precise point that the two cross paths in their creative process. A core tenet of the Fresh series is to support work that defies and subverts a more traditional or easy interpretation—INTERSECTION follows this lead and allows the artists to decide how and when their work will be defined. A larger aim of the Fresh exhibition series is to promote patronage early on in the careers of WNY based artists. All of the work presented as part of INTERSECTION is made available for acquisition at a lower price point than usually associated with BT&C, with the vast majority of works priced under $500.

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About the Artists 

Avye Alexandres was born in Athens, Greece, and moved to the United States at the age of six. Her multi-disciplinary art practice stems from a background in photography and theatre. Evolving from creating site-based, experimental performances, Alexandres’s work now encompasses immersive sculpture, locative media, experimental digital narratives, photography and video, as well as participatory experiences. Alexandres received her MFA in Art and Emerging Practices from the University at Buffalo. Prior to this she lived in Minneapolis, MN where she received a Northern Lights Art(ist) on the Verge grant. She has exhibited at a number of venues including the Minnesota Center for Photography, IFP-MN Center for Media Arts, CEPA Gallery, Concordia Gallery at Concordia University, Big Orbit Project Space, The Soap Factory and the Weismann Art Museum. Website

Ian de Beer is a multi-disciplinary artist working under the strict restrictions of parole supervision, the result of a 2010 conviction for graffiti related crimes, and the second longest sentence for crimes of this nature in the history of the country. De Beer is selfeducated and self-taught, having spent the majority of his time during periods of incarceration studying art history and honing his practice. His work relates the history of painting to his personal experiences both as a graffiti writer and an ostensible criminal. For a number of years, De Beer was not legally allowed to possess art-making materials, and served additional time after refusing to obey this condition. He is now legally allowed to make art.

Hope Mora is a visual artist from Pecos, TX with a BFA from Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. Her work is an ongoing exploration of the interplay between Tejano culture and personal histories, combining photography, drawings, collage, video, and found materials. As a reaction to the push and pull of cultural assimilation, she reassembles herself on the border between the familiar and foreign. Mora’s imagery ranges from weeping Selena fans, to cantaloupe farmers, and abstract formal arrangements. She currently lives and works in Buffalo, NY. Website

Ann Moody is a multimedia artist hailing from Birmingham, Alabama. Her work utilizes materials which recall feminine ephemera— cheap pink taffeta and meringue velvet are interspersed with degraded stockings and used plastic hair curlers. Adopting specific palettes and textures of a material culture associated with a hegemonic beauty, Moody’s work asks the question, “what is the material feminine?” Moody is currently working toward her MFA at the University at Buffalo. Website

Van Tran Nguyen is a Vietnamese American artist whose work explores the personification of objects as cultural and racial constructs. She works in a variety of media including performance, video and installation. Website

Jean Zhu is a Buffalo based artist by way of Brooklyn. Her straightforward captures of everyday objects and scenes are noted for their color combination, explicit composition and rich content. Zhu’s lifelong interest in art and past work in the fashion industry as a stylist and photographic assistant led her to photography and video as her chosen media. She has exhibited at a number of venues in New York State including Pratt Institute, School of Visual Arts, New York University, Rochester Institute of Technology, and Parsons School of Design.

Curated by Amber Dennis.

Read more about Anna Kaplan Contemporary here. Anna Kaplan Contemporary was formerly BT&C (Body of Trade and Commerce Gallery).