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Mary is an independent art theorist and critic primarily working in exhibition criticism. Once a month she takes a survey of what’s going on in the New York art scene, seeking interesting themes and trends and y’all are always welcome to join 🙂

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Gallery Grrrls 23: Hello Good-bye

Hey GalleryGrrrls!

mark your calendars for January 16th at 6pm!

first! some gallerygrrrls updates:

  • all events will now be posted at
    Thank you to Feminista Social Club for being home for the past two years ♡

  • speaking of two years, GalleryGrrrls turns two this year! come celebrate at McSwiggans on January 16th at 9:00p.m.!

    ♡ thanks for checking out art with me ♡

alright onto
Gallery Grrrls 23: Hello Good-bye

there is a lot going on in the photo-world in 2020. we will be saying hello to new kids on the block fotographiska and saying good-bye to aperture foundation’s chelsea location. (i was hoping that the new ICP building would be open, but alas, that is a gallery trip for another day.)

Here’s the plan:


Note: Bus fare is $2.75 and admission to fotographiska is $28
Reminder: there is no fee associated with gallerygrrrls 🙂



Hey Gallery GRRRLS, 

First a little GalleryGRRRLS update: RSVPs can now be done via MeetUp! Woo! #official.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 28th!

The fashion and the art world have always over lapped. Ever since the Alexander McQueen:Savage Beauty (2011) at the Met was a Blockbuster success a fashion exhibition is considered serious business in museums. 

Lets take a look at fashion from three of its primary lenses in the art world: Collecting a Collection, The Cult of the Designer, and Fashion as a City Persona. 

Here’s the Plan:




Hey Gallery GRRRLS,

Mark your calendars for Saturday November 23rd to check out one the last days of the performance art biennial Performa19. Performa was founded by curator RoseLee Goldberg and is comprised of 21st Century performance art. Every two years during the month of November there are commissions, performances, lectures and events all surrounding the world of performance art.

Here’s the plan:

Drinks at Toad Hall after 🙂


GalleryGrrrls2019 (1) Hey Gallery GRRRLS, Mark your calendars for Sunday October 27th!!On its 9th year, Archtober celebrates Architecture Design Month. Organized by the Center for Architecture (with partner orgz and sponsors), Archtober celebrates architecture and design with with lectures, parties, day tours, and! of course exhibitions… and that’s what we’re checking out. While the main focus is architecture, I must say im super excited for the Robert Morris show at Hunter College Galleries. Critical in the development of Minimalism, the drawings being exhibited were first shown in 1971 at the Tate Modern. Recommended Reading: Anti-Form – Robert Morris, Artforum, April 1968

Here’s the plan:

Drinks at Peculier Pub after


GalleryGrrrls2019_SEPTHey Gallery GRRRLS,

Mark your calendars for: September 14th 
Here’s is the plan:
Meet at the NYPL Stephen A. Schwartzman Building, for the Ugly Duckling Press Chapbooks and Zine Collection: Other Presses Other Places
Then, we are guna pop on the F-train and head to 23rd street, to the Center For Book Arts, for their exhibition Poetry is not a Luxury
Then, we are going to walk over to Printed Matter, for their exhibition Book as System: Artists’ Books of Sol LeWitt. 

Drinks at ArtBar after

Every September is the NY Art Book Fair (NYABF) and I look forward to it E V E R Y year- it is truly my art nerd equivalent to Christmas. So, in getting hyped for let check out some other artbooky events in the city. The NYPL has been partnering with Brooklyn’s Ugly Duckling Press and has culminated in an exhibition. The Center For Book Arts has been holding it down since the 70’s primarily known for their book making related workshops, but also have an exhibition space. AND, the poster child of artists books Printed Matter, currently has an exhibition of Sol LeWitts book work (and Sol LeWitt is a personal fave so couldn’t be more excited to see this show)


Hey Gallery GRRRLS,

Mark your calendars for: August 24th
Here’s is the plan:
Meet, at the Drawing Center at 1pm for their exhibition Open Sessions 2018-2020: What’s Love Got to Do with It?
Then, walk over Lubov for their exhibition Rawr means I love you in dinosaur
Then, head over to Richard Taittinger Gallery for FRAAAANDSHIP! 

August is a tough month for the gallery world. Most galleries are on vacation or doing their general maintenance. HOWEVER, there was a small thread of open shows, looking at the contemporary effects of pop culture, from the 90’s (Drawing center, I’m looking at your Tina Turner reference)  the 00’s (Luvov, I’m looking at your oh so emo-scene reference) and 2k10’s (Maria Qamar is an Instagram darling and what more can define the pop culture of the current time, you can find her at @hatecopy – with her followers Roberta Smith, Mindy Kaling and the NYT)


Hey Gallery GRRRLS,

Mark your calendars for: July27th
Here’s the plan:
Meet at 10am at the Wall Street/Pier 11 to catch the 10:04 am Ferry
First, were are guna check out the NADA House to check out their temporary space. 
Then, check out The Church by Shantell Martin,
Then, check out The Cabin by Rachel Whiteread
Then, check out the exhibition Escaping Time, presenting work by formerly and currently incarcerated individuals. 
And last, but not least! wrapping up the day with a 1pm performance by The Rising Sun Performance Company

Governors Island always has something going on, particularly in the summer. So, pack your sunscreen and your reusable water bottle, to spend the day seeing whats going on! Everything is free and open to the public 🙂 


Hey Gallery Grrrrls!

Mark your calendars for: June 15th
Here is the plan: 
Totes OPTIONAL : Meet at the Grey Dog at 10am for brunch. 
We’re guna meet at 12:30pm at Red Bull Arts: 220 West 18th Street
to check out Gretchen Bender: So Much Deathless

Gretchen Bender is a vanguard of multimedia works. Her work began in printmaking/silk screening and evolved to be at the forefront of new media, when it was was well, new. Bender tantalized appropriation and technology with to deal with contemporary human issues of the time. 

Additional Reading: Who was Gretchen Bender

Gallery Grrrls#15: Public//Private


Hey Gallery GRRRLS,

Mark your calendars for: May 12th
Here is the plan:
Meet at the Met Bruer at 12pm (Free for NY, NJ, CT residents) to check out Siah Armajani: Follow This Line 
Then, walk over to Doris Freedman Plaza to check out Mark Manders: Titled Head
Then, we are guna pop on the C-Train to 23rd Street and walk to  Tanya Bonakdar Gallery to check out Mark Manders: Writing Yellow
Then, were going to head to our last stop, via the A or C-train to High Street, Brooklyn Bridge Park to check out Siah Armajani’: Bridge Over Street

Drinks at Superfine after (totally optional)

A fun trend I’ve seen in Public Art Work, particularly shows sponsored thru Public Art Fund, is that there is a private gallery or museum going on in tandem. These four spots and two artists are an example. 

Gallery Grrrls#14: CT Field Trip


Hey Gallery GRRRLS,

The NJ field trip was a lot of fun, so that got me looking around the tri-state for what else is going on. I have a love/hate relationship with Matthew Barney. Famed for his opus, “The Cremaster Cycle” (and his relationship with Björk) Barney has very particular visual vocabulary and he is adding to with his current exhibition and feature film Redoubt at his alma mater, Yale.

Barney’s last film was about five hours long, so what this Field Trip lacks in screen time we make up in travel time… so it’s the essience of traditional Barney film.

Here’s the plan

Meet at the Metro North at 9:30am to take the 10:02 AM train
Take the Metro North to Union Station
then the 271 bus to Temple and Chapel Street
Depending on what time we actually arrive at Yale, we can check out the gallery exhibtion before or after the screening
1:30 Film Screening, Redoubt (2018; 134 mins., 3 secs.)

Head back to New York (3 hour trip back…)

Gallery Grrrls#13: NJ Field Trip


Hey Gallery GRRRLS,

This is our first Field Trip! Lets head to Mana Contemporary. Mana is contemporary art space in NJ, with affliated locations in Miami and Chicago. 

Heres the plan:
Meet at WTC PATH Train and catch the train to Newark
Then walk from Journal Square to Mana
Saturdays are the only day you can visit, asside from their Open House public programs that you can visit and tour on your own, sans Mana guide.

Check out what is on view and head back NY around 4 depending on how quickly we go thru the galleries.


Gallery Grrrls#12: BRIC Biennial


Hey Gallery GRRRLS!

It’s 2019- and you know what that means- ITS A BIENNIAL year. So, we’ve got the whitney, we’ve got venice, we’ve got performa and we’ve got the baby BRIC biennial that’s on third installment. This year, BRIC has two different installations, one in the main floor and one on the second, and! several satellite locations. 

Here’s the plan:

Meet at BRIC  then head to the satellite locations;

BRIC: Biennial
Virtual and Real Estates
647 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 1121

Swimming Blind in a Wine-Dark Sea
A solo exhibition of work by Carl E. Hazlewood
363 3rd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

The Word Is Not the Thing
A solo exhibition of work by Glenn Goldberg
695  5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Living Inside Sanctuary
A solo exhibition of photographs by Cinthya Santos-Briones
500 25th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232

Lesbian Matters
An installation of donated personal items that represent lesbian and queer identity by Phoenix Lindsey-Hall.
850 3rd Ave, Ste 411
Brooklyn, NY 11232

Gallery Grrrls#11: First Time || Long Time


Hey Gallery GRRRLS!

It is Gallery GRRRLS first birthday! Celebrating one year of check out art 🙂 This year we’ve got some new fun things! A new layout, and some “Field Trips” to see whats going on outside of New York in the surround areas (that are commutable by bus or train- no planes… yet)

♥ Looking forward to another year seeing art with you all ♥

Alright, now on to the plan for January:
Heading to some end of the month openings  for this month’s art hang! Staring with our First Timers: Ian Chang and The Connor Brothers (having their Chelsea debuts with galleries their showing at) and then heading to the Long Timers: Michelle Stuart and David Henry Nobody Jr. who have been in the game for a while now. 

Meet at Gladstone Gallery (530 W.21st) 

Here’s the plan:

-Ian Chang : BOB @ Galdstone Gallery
-The Connor Brothers: A Dangerous Idea @ Chase Contemporary
-Michelle Stuart : Flight of Time @ Galerie LeLong & Co.
-David Nobody Jr.: Political Dysmorphia @ Contra Galleries 


Gallery Grrrls#10: Brooklyn Museum


Hey Gallery Grrrls!

So, I was going to skip the December meet up, because holidays/scheduling etc… but then thought ya know what! WHY NOT. Amidst the gov’t shutdown, general holiday malaise, I think checking out these four exhibitions  at the Brooklyn Museum is a good way to go into 2019: 

-Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power

-One: Do Ho Suh

-Half the Picture: A Feminist Look at the Collection

-Syria, Then and Now: Stories from Refugees a Century Apart

Gallery Grrrls#9: Before Projection


Hey Gallery GRRRLs,!

For the past few years, the northwestern art world has obsessively been trying to figure out the state of the image union, examining and re-examining the early digital age as if it will act as tea leaves for what the fiber-optic future will bring. Sculpture Center presents the exhibition Before Projection: Video Sculpture 1974–1995. Popularized in the 70’s and holding strong till the mid-90s video art was the prime of avant-guard – the cool performance artist/fluxists/sculptors were doing it if they weren’t fucking around with land art. Showing the work of Dara Birnbaum, Ernst Caramelle, Takahiko Iimura, Shigeko Kubota, Mary Lucier, Muntadas, Tony Oursler, Nam June Paik, Friederike Pezold, Diana Thater, and Maria Vedder the exhibit explores “the connections between our current moment and the point at which video art was transformed dramatically with the entry of large-scale, cinematic installation into the gallery space”

Recommended Reading: Hito Steyerl – In Defense of the Poor Image 

Dutch Kills for drinks after!

Gallery Grrrls#8: Chelsea


Hey Gallery GRRRLs

Days go by so slow but then all of a sudden the month is almost over- and the gallery shows you old yourself you were going to miss are closing!  Two amazing shows Pope L’s One thing after another (part two) at Mitchell-Innes and Nash and Toyin Ojih Odutola’s When Legends Die. One great show is just opening, Lorraine O’Grady’s Cutting Out CONYT.

So! join me this Saturday at 3pm for a small Chelsea art crawl to see a double dose of Pope L’s work at Mitchell-Innes & Nash and projection on the Highline, Lorraine O’Grady’s cut out poems at Alexander Grey Associates, and then a double dose of Toyin Ojih Odutola’s at both of Jack Shaineman’s Chelsea locations.

Really looking forward to the seeing the work of this three prominent black artists, whose work deals with identity, race, and continued conversation in the western canon.

Then we can head over Half King for a little Saturday Happy Hour!

October 27th – Chelsea

Gallery Grrrls #7: One Hand Clapping


Hey Gallery GRRRLs,

Really excited about this exhibition One Hand Clapping. The Gugges is pay-what-you-wish (ca$h only) on Saturday nights from 5-7:45! The line can be a bit of a beast but! if we get there a bit early it should be fine (I’ll bring snacks!)

The day before I am going to the symposium “Technology is History” at the Guggs so happy to share all the insight gleaned there.

Really looking forward to seeing some interesting work and ranting about technology, museums, history and the future with you all!

September 29th – Guggenheim 

Gallery Grrrls #6: Sculpture Center & Warm Up


Gallery Grrrls heading to LIC!

The last trip we went way out the Rockaways (Mary O’Leary’s hometown) and now we are headed to her favorite part of queens LIC. We will be starting at Hunter Point South Park for the closing weekend of Xaviera Simmons’ solo show Convene, as a site-specific, exploring the demographic make up of Astoria, put on thru the Sculpture Center. Simmons’ states her practice is circular rather than linear (YES, just, yes). She works in photography, performance, video, sound, sculpture, and installation; dealing with the concepts of time, memory, and the fluctuating present.

Then  to one of the last of MoMA PS1’s Warm Up featuring  OG Ron C & The Chopstars/ Maxo Kream / Bali Baby / Jubilee/ Cuban Doll / World’s Fair / Injury Reserve / Kelman Duran. Alright, a small note on these tickets are $18/22 (adv/dos) we are seeing if we can get some comp tickets, and then split the cost based on how many folks wana come.

Why Warm Up? Its one of those NYC cool art kid things and we are cool art babes. PLUS! PS1 is showing the work of some queer artists such as Elle Perez and Reza Abdoh. Also showing works of Sue Coe who produces protest art, tackles issues of sexism, racism, economic inequality, xenophobia, and animal cruelty.

August 18th – Sculpture Center & Warm Up

Gallery Grrrls #5: Rockaway! MoMA


Hey Gallery GRRRLs,

This summer’s site specific artwork at the Rockaway! MoMA is Yayoi Kusama’s “Narcissus Garden” and I’m excited about it. LETS GO SEE IT.

MoMA has the power and the resources to amass a fantastic collection, and are doing their best to make up for lost time showing women, particularly women of color, but let it be known they are still on their problematic bullshit see articles below:

This is a one stop gallery visit so that y’all an enjoy the beach and art.

July 28th – Yayoi Kusama: Narcissus Garden|Rockaway Moma
Facebook Event

Gallery Grrrls #4: Pioneer Works


Hey Gallery GRRRLS,

For this month, we are gonna head on over to Pioneer Works for the final weekend of Gerard and Kelly‘s Clockwork. Gerard and Kelly are known for the performance, video and installation based as it deals with alternative, particularly queer identities. They use the relationship of bodies and the notion of durational time with emphasis on public vs. private to deconstruct and subvert societal norms. 

(I know many of us are going to rallies to keep families together Saturday morning, so, this a low-key one-stop gallery visit.)

There is a 35-minute video, and the performance starts at 6pm. So the arrival at 5pm gives us time to see the installation in the gallery, watch the film and the performance. Then maybe a chill hang at a Red Hook bar to talk about art and anything else we have on our minds.

Meeting Pioneer Works on June 30th, 2018 @5pm

Gerard & Kelly: Clockwork | Pioneer Works
Facebook Event

Gallery Grrrls #3: Adrian Piper at MoMA


Adrian Piper is a cross disciplinary artist whose work deals particularly with “otherness” as it relates to gender and race. MoMA has added Adrian Piper to their roster of retrospectives of female artists including Yoko Ono and Marina Abramoić.

Really looking forward spending the day with of over 290 works by Piper spanning from 1965-2016.

Lets meet at MoMA on May 27th, 2018 @ 1pm

Note: MoMA charges $25 admission, we were able to get 6 tickets gratis, and if more than 6 folks show up, we can split the difference of tickets among everyone 🙂

Adrian Piper: A Synthesis of Intuitions, 1965–2016 | MoMA
Facebook Event 

Gallery Grrrls #2


February- what was it? We missed it! BUT it’s March now anddddd there’s a great solo show coming up at Gavin Brown, Jacolby Scatterwhite: Blessed Avenue –

There are also two other shows going on In Times of Perseus at Sargent’s Daughters, and John Terreno: Dark Matters Without Time that seem to be simultaneously looking backward and forward in way that is futuristic but still bound by post-imperial confines.

In Times of Perseus
Sargent’s Daughters

Jacolby Satterwhite: Blessed Ave
291 Grand Street

John Torreano: Dark Matters Without Time
54 Orchard Street

Hang after!
K-one Karaoke 5pm (get in some happy hour!)

Let’s meet on March 25th, 2018 at Sargents Daughter at 3pm!
Facebook Event

Gallery Grrrls #1


January 13th, 2018 – David Zwirner: 25 Years

For this month we are checking out David Zwiriner 25 years. DZ is opening a new mega gallery space (FIVE floors). I am particularly bothered that starchitect Renzo Piano is designing the new building. But never the less we are going to check out the 25 year retrospective presented in their gallery locations!

Meet at 519 West 19th at 7pm! – See you there