Hope Mora – Expectation vs. Reality

Feminista Social Club presents Hope Mora’s Expectation vs. Reality (2018), a three minute video exploring two intersecting points of intimacy. One scene – a couple doing a two-step seemingly atop a desert landscape to the sound of loud gusts of wind, both the visual and audio slowed down almost communicating the heady feeling ‘expected’ of a romance. The other – layered audio of a woman describing the ‘reality’ of three different events: a disappointing haircut, her outfit on a cold day and an endorsement for an expectation met. Depending on the viewer’s identity, the two components together may either feel eerie and voyeuristic (peeking in on a private moment between two people/overhearing a story relayed to a confidante) or paint a picture of a familiar joy and resilience in the face of disappointment.

This piece is presented in The Cell’s basement space, illuminated only by blue light, echoing the intimacy of the work.

Part of

It ME – a valentine’s day gesamtkunstwerk

a RADY&BLOOM event

assembled and directed by Jeremy Bloom

2/14/19, 7-11pm


Nancy Manocherian’s the cell

Piece presented by Feminista Social Club, curated by Amber Dennis.

Hope Mora is an interdisciplinary artist from West Texas, teaching and completing her MFA at The University at Buffalo and holds a BFA from Texas State University in San Marcos. She has shown work in selected gallery and public space exhibitions in Central Texas and Western New York. Mora frequently works with Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Art Center in Buffalo, where she currently lives and works. Follow Hope: @levariomora – hopemora.com.

Curated by Amber Dennis.