Music Mondays: Charli xcx

Did y’all see this week’s highlight coming? I’ve been watching this video on repeat since last Friday because, let’s face it, it is perfection! I figured this would be a good enough week as any to share this pop culture gem since Charli and I will both be celebrating birthdays on Wednesday. Thanks for the […]

Music Mondays: Tkay Maidza

Let’s get one thing straight, on top of being an extremely relevant show packed with a compelling cast of characters, the Netflix series Dear White People has an amazing soundtrack. I’m sure most of you know that a good soundtrack can really make a scene, (an idea I have been reassured of while watching another show on […]

Womxn Crush(ing It) Wednesdays: Spice Up Your Life

Hello my friends, it’s your long lost WCW host! I have a million and one excuses for being the worst contributor ever, but I won’t bore you with them all today. Instead I’m going to share a little coping mechanism I tend employ when being an adult human in the year 2017 gets to be […]

Music Mondays

Don’t have much of a highlight or talk this week, but I promised something more upbeat (it was probably more of a mental note than a promise, but still). Anyway, while listening back to a couple of my favorite tracks I found The Like’s retro-fab hit “Wishing He Was Dead” from 2010. I hope y’all […]

Music Mondays: Romy Madley Croft

To be completely honest, I feel nothing but love for all members of the xx (this isn’t news to anyone, is it?) Collectively, they’ve made the place where I find myself almost bearable. However, this week I want to draw particular attention to the band’s guitarist and co-vocalist Romy Madley Croft for her beautiful and […]

Art Words from an Art Baby

Put your money where your mouth is and your mouth where there’s some art, it’s time for another Art Words from an Art Baby! Shape of a Pocket at Squeaky Wheel Film and Media Center! Opening tonight, July 7th. Runs through August 26th. Check this show out  if you like killer work about resistance/are in Buffalo/your […]

Music Mondays: Ana Tijoux

Taking it back to 2014 today not only because I am bracing myself for the ruckus the fourth day of July usually incites, but also because Ana Tijoux’s superb ode to global resistance movements is worth returning to on a regular basis. “Somos Sur” from Tijoux’s fourth studio album Vengo centers and draws a parallel between the […]