Van Tran Nguyen – Those Who Protect, Those To Protect

Disclaimer Gallery is proud to present Van Tran Nguyen’s Those Who Protect, Those To Protect (2017) – a ten-minute video piece exploring the conflict and solidarity played out on women’s bodies in Vietnam war era propaganda posters. The video shows Tran Nguyen inserting herself into these large scale projected images of women and girls presented as warriors (those who protect) or innocents (those to protect).

By entering these images, morphing and adjusting to fit into the lines that create these caricatures, Tran Nguyen makes these women real. They are no longer just these embodied binaries – woman as warrior/woman as innocent – acting as an opposition to Western imperialism. They become more nuanced and complex, taking on an imperfect agency.

The piece will be presented in a U-Haul truck stationed outside of New Women Space and POWRPLNT, acting as a traveling form of dissemination that echoes the roadside billboards where this wartime propaganda originally appeared.

Organized by Disclaimer Gallery – presented at POWRPLNT and New Women Space.

Van Tran Nguyen is a Vietnamese American multimedia artist based out of Troy, NY. 

Curated by Amber Dennis.