What Is Feminista Social Club?

Feminista Social Club is an online community where you can gab about anything and everything. We envision a space for creative production and collaboration, community building and strengthening. We want to connect babes from all over the world wide web!

We welcome any and all interested feminists. To be clear we define feminism as the belief in intersectional gender equality, equity, and justice and acknowledge that we are not defined by sex or gender alone. I know what you might be thinking, “We must be really fun at parties.” And you’d be right, WE ARE DELIGHTFUL!!!

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Email info@feministasocialclub.com

*Currently all content is written by Amber Dennis, Jasmine Magana and Mary O’Leary.




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Selected Past Events

Feminista-run play-through of Angela Washko’s The Game: The Game

NYC: “Let People Vote’ Launch Event hosted by Feminista Social Club

The Nasty Hour: A happy hour to benefit PP of Central & WNY

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